A daily devotional will support the capital campaign and we are inviting everyone to participate.  Various members of our congregation wrote the devotions.  We need your prayers.  Each day includes scripture, thoughts and a prayer.  The first day for this devotional is Monday March 4th.

These passages of Scripture and the accompanying devotions are intended to serve as daily meditations while we walk through our capital campaign. Each week of the campaign considers a different theme, while also partnering with the same word: Legacy.

Legacy is often defined as “an amount of money or property left to someone in a will.” In terms of faith, however, legacy is the gift of God’s grace given us in order to pass on to others.

Many faithful men and women – some still present on earth, but a great many more now singing with the Saints forever – have passed Jesus to us. This legacy of the Living God now living in us calls us to constantly consider the grace of Jesus Christ, for it is by His grace that we have learned: prayer, gratitude, faith, sacrifice, and celebration. This legacy, though, is no legacy at all if we do not pass it on to the next generation.

Together, we have re-imagined Christ Community for mission and ministry in the twenty-first century. Now it is our time to walk faithfully into the legacy we will leave.

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